The Surprising Benefits of Light Therapy

Koanna LED Light Therapy Mask

We were delighted when one our customers and Light Specialist, Patrick Matthews, sent in this wonderful blog post. It's a fascinating read and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did:

We know that Light Therapy works great as anti-aging and skin-toning treatment. However, there are potentially some other surprising benefits for both mental and physical health.

The Koanna Face Mask offers the 3 Colours: Red/Near Infrared, Yellow, and Blue. These are known as Primary colours because they are the basic colours out of which all the others come.

These three primary colours also resonate the basic energy fields in people.

The key to using the mask as a 'Colour Therapy Treatment' is to recognize that light does not stop on contact with the skin. That it can also resonate into the energetic fields of the body which in turn supply energy and information to all the deeper organ systems.

To make the most of the face mask as a colour therapy unit, try using it without the (optional) eye inserts so that the colour lights are also shining on your closed eyelids. Then you can sense the light you see (with eyes closed) as filling up your body.

RED: The Universal Healing Colour

Red is the universal healing colour and it activates all physical healing properties of the body. It also resonates the will power to heal. Red tones up any and all of our physical systems.

Additionally red is excellent for restoring energy when feeling “burnt out.” It revitalizes tired organs and tissues.

When using red, let it tone the face for a while, then sense the red coming down through the rest of your body and going where it is called for. This can take up to ½ hour per treatment.
Woman using the red light of the Koanna LED Mask

YELLOW: For Cleansing and Detoxifying

Yellow is the colour for clearing, cleansing, and de-toxifying. Yellow will also clear the mind and help with all kinds of focused thinking.

Yellow supports the immune system to do its work.

Yellow strengthens the digestion organs. This includes our ability to digest old emotions as well as digesting foods and impressions.

Yellow brings a lightness of spirit. Wonderful for clearing depression. Clears away the heaviness of old memories. Brightens up your life.

BLUE: Opens the mind to new information

Blue is good for all active bacterial infections. Please note: this is not meant as medical advice or in place of appropriate medical treatment. It is an energetic support field, not medicine.

Blue brings spaciousness of mind. Relaxation. Peace of Mind. Ability to think with a wide, relaxed mind where information can come “out of the blue.”

Blue is excellent for restoring a tiredness of the soul. 

Bottom Line

As these three colours each resonate as different level of us, it could be a good idea to compose sessions which combine all three or any combination of two. For example, 10 minutes of red can lead to a physical recharge, then 5 minutes of yellow can bring clarity. A few minutes of blue at the end will give a calm and peaceful mind on top of an alive and clear body.

Patrick Matthews, May 2022.

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