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triathlete relaxing in sauna blanket

An innovative experience was brought to my attention, the infra-red therapy in an easily portable blanket. It is certainly a new development in the sports performance field and one of the ways I have been optimizing my recovery and my performance. Using infrared technology I can reduce inflammation, pain and recover faster for the next day.

Infra-red therapy is something I used for the last 2 years, but only with the help of a cabin. It’s honestly not that enjoyable and easy, not to mention that it is often placed down in the basement or wherever I can find one as we travel around on the international triathlon circuit.

If you are training by your self, you are always seeking the easiest way to be at the peak of your energy. And a cabin is not something that can provide that easily. Every moment matters, especially when you're an athlete and you need recovery after every training and you need it in your hotel room or in your bedroom. Something easily accessible that can be used from the comfort of your bed.

Kristin at the beach

Lately, we have tested a portable infra-red technology, the easy to wrap blanket. That is just amazing! You can lay down, feet and head high wherever you want. So much more relaxing and enjoyable than sitting in the cabin.

What I like the most about it is probably the fact that I can spend time with the family. Performance triathletes know what I am talking about. We are always training, always on the road, and when we find something that helps us recover and spend time with the family at the same time, we never let it go.

It is also quite easy to bring wherever you travel! Just connect, jump in and enjoy! It can't get easier than that. I use leggings and a t-shirt inside.

Kristin using the sauna blanket in bed

TIP for pro triathletes: When running in less than 5 C in winter, I prefer to jump in the blanket for approx 15min, to do a pre warm up. Running is brutal. That’s why I do everything possible to make the body happy.

Sometimes I use it before, sometimes after a training session. Coming in from a cold bike ride, quick shower and then get a nice deep warm in the blanket after. It is amazing!

Kristin Lie, Pro Triathlete

Kristin at a competition

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